F.A.Q & what this site is about

Believe it or not

Believe it or not, but at MyIP.info it's all about YOU. Even though ther's "MY" in the name, it's not really about us, it's just about you. We're using an advanced form of reverse psychology to achieve that

Specifically we're detecting your IP addresses first (IPv4 and / or IPv6), then using other third party APIs to further look up your IP address location, hostname and ISP based on your IPs

To find your IP address location we're using an API from www.iplocation.info. To look up your hostname we're using an API from www.iplookup.info, and to find your ISP we're using an API from www.ipinfo.io. That's it, that's all we do (in addition to your personal IP history table, which can be pretty handy off course).

Your public technical information

We show you publicly available technical information about you. This website is dedicated to showing you information about the electronic device you use to access the web. This can be useful in many situations when you want to know more about what type of information is revealed of your activites on-line. It is also a good place to check how well you are anonymized (if that's something you're trying to achieve).

Learn & know what information can be collected about you

MyIP.info is a good source to know what type of information other places you visit on the web can collect about you. For example, based on your IP address, one can determine, fairly accurately, your geographical location.

On the other hand, if you're using a firewall or internet connection tunnel you can use this site to see if and how it is working. Pehaps it looks like you are accessing the web from another country?

We see what the rest of the internet sees about you

Or at least much of it ;-)

One of the main reasons for accessing a website like MyIP.info is because our service is a remote system from you, just like many other services you use on-line. Therefor, most of what we are able to see, and reflect back to you, will be the same most other on-line services will see.

The IP address that you use to front the internet with, may not be the IP address that is assigned to your device. It depends on your situation. In many cases people using the internet is behind or protected by a firewall for example. It may hide your actual IP address to the rest of the world. The best way to know what your IP address look like to the rest of the world is to have a service like MyIP.info show it to you.

Your IP address history

When you visit this site many times we will keep track (locally on your device) of the history of the different IP Addresses you use. This information is displayed to you in a history table. Upon your first visit, the history table will only contain one or two IP addresses (your current IPv4 and / or IPv6 addresses)

As you keep coming back your IP address may have changed. There can be a variety of reasons for this. In fact, your IP address may even change while you are connected to the internet and actively using your device. That is why we have included the page refresh solution.

Knowing your current and past IP addresses can be useful for a variety of security reasons. Especially when dealing with firewalls.

Page refresh

In the top right menu you'll find a black button with a page refresh or spinner-like symbol (an icon made up of two arrows in a loop-ring). On narrow screens this black button can be found in the bottom of the hamburge menu.

Initially the icon should be spinning slowly and show the text10m. This means that the page will refresh in 10 minutes. Click the icon and you'll see a list of extended time frames.

Set the refresh interval to a suitable value, or stop it entirely. Allowing the page to refresh will keep track of your IP history more accurately. It can also help keep an bad internet connection active by "pinging" the internet every once in a while.

Undetectable IP address

For detecting your potential IP addresses we send, in the background, requests to our IPv4 and IPv6 endpoints. If any of those fail, it means you don't have that type of an IP address. If it doesn't fail, it replies with the value of your IP address. Then we show it back to you.

Using Javascript

For detecting your IP addresses (IPv4 & IPv6) we must use Javascript. You can check your IP addresses manually (without javascript) by visiting the following places:If one of the addresses above fail to load, it means you are not using that IP address version.

What is an IP Address?

Also known as Internet Protocol Address

An IP address is an identifier each device connected to the internet has. It is neccessary to send and receive information online, and it (usually) uniquely identifies you. IP addresses come in two types. MyIP.info detects both!


IPv6 is on the form hexval:hexval:hexval:hexval::hexval:hexval. For example2604:a880:400:d0::4c66:8001Read more about IPv6 on wikipediaCheck, manually, if you are using an IPv6 address


IPv4 is on the form number.number.number.number. For example more about IPv4 on wikipediaCheck, manually, if you are using an IPv4 address

In addition IP addresses can be public or private. This is just a very brief overview of what IP addresses are. There is a lot to learn about the nature of IP addresses, and we encourage you to learn more about IP Addresses in general on wikipedia