Privacy Policy

This website is often used in regard to internet security. That's the main reason we made it. It should come as no surprise that takes the privacy of our users seriously. These are details about how we use information retrieved about you when you use this service.


Our web server logs information your browser makes available about you, and stores it for a limited time of 2 months. This information is only viewed in aggregated form. The main purpose of this usage is to learn about visitor- and crawler-patters in the effort of improving our services. This is a list of what's collected and stored for 2 months for each request you make to our servers

  • Your IP Address. To be clear: We don't really care about your IP address. Nor do we look at it. The only reason it is included in the logging is because it automatically helps aggregate visitor usage patterns.
  • Your location. The location precision is high level such as continent, country and city. No more detailed than city.
  • The cookies you send us. Your browser do only send cookies meant for our service on the domain Cookies related to other domains or places are not sent to us.
  • Your browser information, which mainly includes:
    • Device type, such as Mobile, Tablet, Desktop
    • Platform type / Operating system, such as Windows, Linux, Mac
    • Your browser type, such as Chrome, Safari, Opera, FireFox


We don't have any advertisement on We made this site only for fun, and to learn about information technology ourselves, as well as a reference for other projects we may involve ourselves in.

So you don't need to worry about third party advertisement tracking-cookies, or any other issues that can be related to using web-advertisement.


Encrypted communication with you and All your interactions with this site is personal and secured with standard https/ssl encryption. This means that nobobdy can see the information sent between you and

Third Party Data Sharing

We do not send, rent, sell or in any form share information about you or your usage of- or visits to- this site, to any third party. We do not collect or store potentially personally identifying information about you such as you email address. We don't ask for or require your email address for any usage of this site unless you want to make contact. In that case, your email address is only stored in our inbox as the reply to source of the person making contact. It is not logged or stored anywhere else.

Third Party Tracking uses Google-Analytics and AddThis

  • Google-Analytics collects non-private information about your interactions with this site in aggregated form. We use this to learn about visitor behavior and site usage patterns. We don't allow anyone other than ourselves to view this information, and we don't allow Google-Analytics to store or share this information with anyone (that's an option in every Google-Analytics account)
  • AddThis is a bookmark / save / social sharing service that we use for making it easy for users of this site to respectively bookmark / save / share To allow for this we include a third-party JavaScript code made by AddThis (which we don't control) on The main result of this is the orange round arrow you should see at the bottom right of your screen if you have enabled JavaScript.


You can use this site without JavaScript, but not all features will be available to you when doing so. We use JavaScript for the following purposes:

  • Help detect as many as possible, differently available, data-retrieval methods about you. This is only for displaying it back to you, so that you can know what can be retrieved and collected about you by this and other web sites — Which is the main purpose of this website!
  • Verify that neccessary information is supplied when users try to make contact with
  • Track visitor behavior to learn about site usage patterns